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Automatic Driving Monitor for Android updates with Crash Alert, "Do Not Disturb" mode

Android users of the Automatic Smart Driving Monitor gain two new features in the latest update, one of which is exclusive to the Android platform.


When the Automatic Smart Driving Monitor launched the Android version of its companion app, the emergency assistance feature was curiously missing. With the newly announced version 1.0 update of the app, the feature is patched in -- along with a new and Android-exclusive "Do Not Disturb" mode.

The Android port of the Crash Alert (beta) feature operates just like it does on for the iOS version. When the paired Automatic Link hardware detects that the vehicle has been involved a serious crash, the app automatically alerts an Automatic agent of your GPS location using your smartphone's data connection. The agent then relays the information to local authorities and lets your emergency contact know that help is on the way.

With the addition of Crash Alert (beta) and Do Not Disturb, Automatic for Android becomes slightly more feature-rich than the iOS verion. Automatic Labs

Exclusive to the Android 1.0 release, the new "Do Not Disturb" mode allows you to automatically silence your phone's beeps and buzzes while driving, reducing the risk of distraction by removing the temptation to peek at that text message or email notification. While in this mode, the app can also automatically reply to incoming calls with a canned response that lets the caller know that you can't talk, because you're driving.

The "Do Not Disturb" mode does not totally lock the phone, however, and Automatic says the driver "can always pick up their phone and make a call or text, if they choose to," which can be useful in a real emergency. So even with this feature silencing incoming communications, you'll need to exercise some self-control.

In addition to the new features, the Automatic Android app will also allow you to view a digital log of fuel efficiency, trip costs, and driving habits and will assign a numeric Driving Score. I should also mention that the Automatic app requires the $99 Automatic OBD-II monitoring dongle to perform these functions.

For now, "Do Not Disturb" is only available on the Android version of Automatic's app and while the developer hasn't stated any plans to bring the feature to the iOS version, I wouldn't be surprised to see the two versions reach parity in the near future. You can find and download Automatic in the Google Play Store.