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Automatic driving monitor now available for Android

When paired with the Automatic hardware, this app helps drivers save money at the pump and drive more efficiently.

It's been a long time coming, but Automatic now officially works with Android. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

After a year of "coming soon" and months of beta-only access, the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant finally gains compatibility with Android phones.

The Automatic app for Android will allow you to view a digital log of your fuel efficiency, trip costs, and driving habits for later browsing when used in tandem with the $99 Automatic Link vehicle diagnostic hardware, which is plugged into your car's diagnostic port. The app analyzes data reported by the dongle and assigns a Driving Score.

Automatic will also store the GPS location of your car at the end of each trip to help you remember where you parked. It can also download and decode onboard diagnostic trouble codes to help you understand why your car's check engine light is on.

Interestingly, Automatic's automatic emergency assistance feature is still listed as "coming soon" in the app's Google Play store description.