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AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate: Computing has never been more exciting

If you can't bear to be apart from Facebook on those long road trips, cast an eye on this steering-wheel desk tray, which lets you use your laptop in the car

Rory Reid
2 min read

If driving while holding a mobile phone is an offence, and driving while using a hands-free kit is legal, it stands to reason that driving while using a mobile phone -- or any other electronic device -- is entirely within the law* as long as your hands are free to control the steering wheel.

If that's the case, and you can't bear to be apart from Facebook on those long road trips, cast an eye on the AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate steering-wheel desk tray. This ingenious device attaches to your steering wheel and provides a strong surface on which users can mount a laptop, update important papers, or even eat their lunch.

We've yet to try the AutoExec WM-01 Wheelmate for ourselves, but the Internet at large has given it rave reviews. T Meadows, an Amazon.com customer, uses his as a mini-bar while taking his friends to the pub. He's also discovered that by placing a pillow on the Wheelmate, it's possible to take quick naps on the motorway ride home, as the cats' eyes wake him up in plenty of time to prevent disaster.

Other Amazon.com users are similarly impressed. Brent A Nelson uses his to hold sheet music, freeing him up to play guitar with two hands instead of just one, while S Kelly gave hers to her 90-year-old mother, who can now complete crosswords on the way to work. Kelly issues a word of warning, however, regarding "those jerks who stop at yellow lights". Her mother once rear-ended somebody and the airbag drove the Wheelmate back into her stomach, rupturing her spleen.

The product isn't without its flaws then, but we wouldn't worry too much about hospital bills or the law. As Mother of One pointed out, the Wheelmate makes a handy platform for "whipping out the twins" after you get pulled over. We're assuming she's talking about her offspring, and that she's really bad at maths.

The Wheelmate is available to buy now from Amazon.com for a very reasonable $24.95 (£15). Head on over to buy one for yourself and don't forget to check out the excellent user reviews

*Note to the gullible: It probably isn't a good idea to use this device, or anything else, while driving.