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Audi recalls 1,644 E-Tron electric SUVs for wiring gremlins

The fix will be available in August, according to Audi.

2019 Audi E-Tron
Most of the vehicles subject to recall are still with or en route to dealers. New vehicles with active recalls must be fixed before being sold to consumers.

The all-new Audi E-Tron electric SUV hasn't been out for very long, but its first recall is just about to commence.

Audi told Roadshow on Monday that it will recall 1,644 examples of the Audi E-Tron EV crossover. Approximately 540 of the recalled vehicles are already in customer hands, while the remainder are already at dealers or in transit to dealerships. It's worth noting that this is not a stop-sale; Audi will continue E-Tron sales during the recall.

The problem stems from the vehicle's wiring -- specifically, a grommet on the wiring assembly between the charging plug port and the battery. The grommet may allow moisture buildup, and if too much moisture accumulates, the vehicle may throw a warning light or, in a worst-case scenario, start a fire. Audi was quick to note that no "thermal events" have been discovered since the car's introduction, but moisture sensors in the wiring harness have detected buildup in five cases globally since the model's debut.

The automaker said it's already contacting customers. They will have the option of continuing to drive the vehicle until a warning light illuminates, at which point owners will be instructed to turn off the car and park it in an open space, where Audi will retrieve the vehicle and take it to the dealership. Owners will receive a service loaner from the dealer, in addition to a gift card worth $800 to cover gas costs. Vehicle pickup and delivery are included as well. Audi will also offer complementary AudiCare maintenance -- or offer reimbursements, for those who paid for service upfront.

Audi is currently working on a fix, which the automaker said will be available in August. The fix may be either a replacement of the grommet in question or the actual wiring harness, but it's unclear as of this writing. In following US regulations, owners should also receive a recall notification in the mail, in addition to Audi reaching out directly by phone.

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