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Audi E-Tron electric SUV enters production in Brussels

The plant in charge of building the E-Tron will be carbon neutral, which is a nice touch.

In less than two weeks, the whole thing will be on display. For now, this is as much as we're going to get.

It might not have revealed it yet, but Audi has already started production of its E-Tron electric SUV.

On the same day that Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil its electric EQC crossover, Audi announced that its competitor has started production in Brussels. The world will have to wait until Sept. 17 in order to see the whole thing, but the announcement did include a teaser that gives away a smidgeon of the E-Tron's front end.

Audi's new plant in Brussels has as much, if not more, environmental promise than the car that's being built there. Claimed to be entirely carbon neutral, the plant uses renewable energies to cover 95 percent of its assembly processes. The remaining 5 percent will be offset with other environmental projects. Approximately 400,000 square feet of solar panels line the plant's roof, while it relies on renewable biogas for heating.

Originally, the E-Tron was supposed to be revealed on Aug. 30 in Brussels, but due to a variety of factors, Audi pushed the date back to Sept. 17, and the reveal will now take place in the US.

The E-Tron looks pretty promising. It's loaded with all manner of interesting tech, including replacement side mirrors that use cameras and screens -- but only in Europe, since this tech isn't allowed in the US at the moment. It features powerful brake regeneration, which Roadshow's own Chris Paukert experienced on a descent of the famed Pikes Peak. And while the exterior is still a mystery, the interior isn't too far away from recent Audi models such as the 2019 A8.