Aston Martin's preowned program is fancier than most new car purchases

The new scheme, called Timeless, covers everything from the "mundane" to the truly exotic.

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Andrew Krok

Certified preowned (CPO) programs have gained traction as automakers hope to wrangle up potential customers before they drop dough on new models. But even the fanciest CPO schemes will have trouble holding a candle to 's new Timeless program.

Yes, Aston's CPO program comes with its own name. Timeless aims to make the CPO experience nearly as fancy as buying a brand new Aston Martin. Launching internationally between now and 2017, Timeless will include all Aston Martin vehicles, from the DB9 all the way up to exotics like the V12 Zagato and One-77.

Every car involved with Timeless gets its own thorough inspection, but Aston takes that one step further by offering hardware and software updates. Each CPO car comes with a one-year warranty with roadside assistance, as well as a certificate and a verification of the car's service history. The program also offers buyers a "VIP handover pack" and discounts on Aston Martin accessories for three months after the purchase.

Timeless has already launched in the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East. In the first quarter of 2017, it will expand to include the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. Sadly, the program will not be offered in China. You might find a better deal on eBay or something like that, but you're not going to get factory backing like you would with Timeless. Don't count on the cars dropping to a price that remotely resembles the word "affordable," though.

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