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Apple Car hints and Tesla Autopilot misses (AutoComplete Podcast 20)

In this week's rundown of the biggest stories, Brian and Tim talk about the latest in what seems like a series of never-ending Takata recalls, but find some light at the end of the Dieselgate tunnel.

AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 20

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We go riding with George Hotz and his $1,000 autonomous car

McLaren 570GT Review: Smooth Speed - Carfection


Exclusive: Apple explores charging stations for electric vehicles

Uber and Toyota are teaming up, and it could shake up the car industry.

It never ends: Toyota recalls another 1.6 million cars for Takata airbag inflators

Toyota Prius scores best gas mileage of any car Consumer Reports has ever tested

GM to dole out debit cards, extended warranties as part of fuel-economy compensation plan

Dieselgate may have a light at the end of the tunnel after all


Tesla updates Summon because some people need a little extra help

Tesla driver caught sleeping, living the autopilot dream in traffic

Tesla Model S on Autopilot crashes into van parked on highway

Tesla, Jaguar, Volvo lead consumer software complaints in 2016

More research emerges showing consumers uninformed, wary of new vehicle technology

Public not sold on fully autonomous vehicles, study finds


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