Another technically advanced car that doesn't exist

DiMora Motorcar announces the Natalia SLS 2.

Wayne Cunningham Managing Editor / Roadshow
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Wayne Cunningham

DiMora's computer rendered Natalia SLS 2
DiMora's computer rendered Natalia SLS 2 DiMora

Specialty automaker DiMora Motorcar promises to make an eco-friendly 1,200 horsepower sedan, called the Natalia SLS 2, available next year. By eco-friendly, the company suggests that its new V-16 powerplant will be ultraefficient and so emissionsfree that it doesn't even need a catalytic converter. DiMora lists a host of high-tech features for the Natalia SLS 2, such as 60 computer systems "tightly integrated to control the vehicle's performance, safety, comfort, communications, and entertainment." Along with mundane features such as four-wheel-drive and four-wheel-steering, the Natalia SLS 2's more outlandish technologies include special paint that will turn blue or black when it's cold outside, and white in hotter weather. The car also has night vision and a projector in the headlights, so you can show movies on any available surface in front of the car. According to DiMora, the car will become available next year at a price of $2 million. As all the photos on DiMora's site are just computer-generated renderings, and the equipment list is so outlandish, we're putting the Natalia SLS 2 in a category with the Mach 5 and K.I.T.T.