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The Lane Museum's amphibious Hobbycar sank during an annual event

I guess not all cars are sea-worthy.

Don't worry. Restoration has already started.

Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee is down one amphibious car today. Over the weekend a 1992 Hobbycar B612 succumbed to the depths of Percy Lake during the museum's annual amphibious vehicle event. The event is held each year to give members a chance to ride in the museum's water-going rides. 

Making its debut at the Paris Motor Show in 1992, the Hobbycar has all the things that (I assume) amphibious car drivers demand. Available as a convertible, hardtop or pickup truck, the Hobbycar is a midengined four-seater powered by diesel or gas. Top speed is 87 miles per hour on land, 5 knots in the water. Heck, it's even got four-wheel drive and an adjustable suspension.

Nobody was hurt in the accident and a scuba team was able to recover the Hobbycar from the lake. The museum plans to restore the Hobbycar to its former glory.

The Lane Motor Museum is full of weird wonders like the Hobbycar B612.

Lane Motor Museum