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Alfa Romeo brings the small car love

Alfa Romeo announces the Mi.To compact sports car.

Alfa Romeo Mi.To
Alfa Romeo introduces the new Mi.To compact sports car. Alfa Romeo

If you can't afford an Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, consider the newly announced Mi.To. Alfa Romeo announced this diminutive sports car today, citing specs such as four engine choices using either gasoline or diesel, all turbocharged, and making from 90-to-155 horsepower. That top engine should be impressive in this small car. Also surprising for a small car such as this, the driving behavior can be set among three modes: sport, normal, and all-weather. The Mi.To is 13.3 feet long, less than five feet longer than a Smart ForTwo, and 4.7 feet high. The name comes from Milan and Turin, the design and production anchors for Alfa Romeo. According to the company, it plans to begin production of the Mi.To in July of this year, offering it in Europe. It may come to the U.S. on the heels of Alfa Romeo's rumored return to the North American market.