Airstream's got two new easily towable and quasiaffordable trailers and we want them

Airstream seems to be looking to get newer, younger people into its lifestyle and hopes that the Bambi and Caravel will do that.

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Airstream's Caravel is small, lightweight and designed to be towed by just about anything with a hitch but that doesn't mean it skimps on any of the classic Airstream style.


The odds are good that if you're a chic Gen X-er or even an elder Millennial, you've had at least one severe fit of desire for an Airstream trailer. How could you not? They're all sleek and shiny and lightweight. They're also traditionally superexpensive.

Now though, the classic Airstream style gets a little more affordable because the company announced Monday that it would be offering two new single-axle entry-level models with names from the brand's storied past: Bambi and Caravel.

The Bambi got its name after a Capetown to Cairo trip led by Airstream's founder Wally Byam because it's lightweight, agile and surprisingly hardy. It's a nickname that's been traditionally used to describe all of the single-axle trailers in Airstream's lineup.   

The new Bambi model is designed to be easy for those new to towing and trailering to hook up and manage, and its light weight means that it can be pulled easily by a surprisingly large variety of vehicles. So that means that you probably won't have to go and trade your crossover or station wagon for a truck or full-size SUV.

The Bambi line is available in lengths from 16 to 22 feet and four different floor plans. It can sleep up to four people and starts at around $49,000. So, it's not cheap, but it's also not compromising on any of the luxury features or build quality of the larger and more expensive models.

"When it comes to our travel trailer lineup, we have set the bar in regard to design, quality craftsmanship and staying true to our brand heritage – Bambi and Caravel are no exception," Bob Wheeler, president and CEO of Airstream, said in a statement. "With the all-new Bambi and Caravel models, we wanted to honor our roots while offering design-forward, accessible, easy-to-tow travel trailers that will inspire new or experienced consumers to explore the world one highway at a time."

The Caravel is, like the Bambi, a single-axle trailer designed to be easily towed by crossovers, cars or wagons . It's available in the same four lengths and also can be had in any of four floor plans. Where it differs from the Bambi is in its interior appointments. The Bambi is meant to be the lowest price point for a traditionally styled Airstream, and the Caravel is its more expensive and more luxurious cousin.

The Caravel also features panoramic windows, stainless-steel rock guards (necessary when your whole trailer is made from easily dentable polished aluminum) and more storage. The Caravel is a sizable step up from the Bambi and starts at $60,900. For some perspective, the next step up in price for Airstream is the Flying Cloud model, which sleeps eight and starts at $76,900.

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