Add LCD monitors to cars without ruining your headrests

The Advent Quick Connect monitor pods can be non-destructively attached to seatbacks.

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Advent Quick Connect
The Advent Quick Connect monitor pods can be nondestructively attached to seatbacks. Audiovox

Rear seat entertainment is a pretty cool feature in a vehicle. It adds a little bling to your ride keeping the children quiet in the back seat during longer drives. The problem with installing a rear seat entertainment system is that, typically, you have to either hang a monitor in a bag from the seatback with unsightly straps, which still flops around during spirited driving, or have big rectangular holes cut in your headrests--or worse, your headliner--to accommodate the screens.

The Advent Quick Connect aims to bridge that gap with simple installation, requiring no permanent alterations to the vehicle's interior. The system consists of two wired mounting pods and removable 7-inch monitors with an integrated DVD player, which can be installed as either a dual or a single DVD system.

Advent Quick Connect
The monitor pods essentially fit between the headrest clips and the seatback. Audiovox

Here's how it works. The headrests are removed and the mounting pods are attached to the tops of the seatbacks and wired for power. Black, tan, and gray covers are included for the mounting pods, to match vehicle interior color. The headrests are then reinstalled onto the seatback, sandwiching the mounting pods and holding them in place. Finally, the monitors are attached to the pods, completing the installation.

The result is a system that's more firmly installed and cleaner looking than a monitor in a bag, without being destructive to the interior like a custom installation. When it's time to remove the system, the monitors and pods are simply removed, the power wires clipped, and the system can be transferred to the next vehicle.

As stated earlier, each monitor has a built in DVD player. So if you install dual monitors, each backseat passenger can watch their own DVD. Additionally, the system is also "cross-talk capable" meaning that a DVD on either side of the setup can be played and mirrored on the other monitor, so you won't have to buy two copies of your children's favorite movies.

A single RCA audiovisual input allows you to connect a second video source, such as a videogame console. Optional wireless, flat-fold headphones and a wired or wireless FM modulator are also available.

Available now, the Advent Quick Connect costs $1,099.99.