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Add DVD monitors to your car in an afternoon with Vizualogic

The Vizualogic RoadTrip Universal Dual Headrest DVD System is a simple and inexpensive way to add rear-seat entertainment to any vehicle with removable headrests using only basic hand tools.

Guess what I'm watching on the Vizualogic's monitors.
Check out our review and installation of the Vizualogic Road Trip. Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Adding rear-seat entertainment to a car used to involve cutting up your headliner or gutting the headrests to make room for an LCD display or two, but not anymore. The Vizualogic Road Trip Universal Dual Headrest DVD System is a kit that ships with a pair of touch-screen LCD monitors preinstalled in a set of replacement adjustable headrests. The system is self-contained and includes a DVD player hidden behind one of the monitors and an SD card slot for digital media playback.

Simply pop your headrests off, pop the new ones in, make your connections for power, and you're done. If you've ever installed a car stereo before, you should be able to tackle this installation in an afternoon, and--because no permanent changes are made--you can just pop your stock headrests back on and transfer the system to a new vehicle on when it's time to sell the car.

Check out our full review of the Vizualogic Road Trip, where we even show you how to install the kit.