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Acura's SEMA concept is racing-themed towing awesomeness

If only Acura would offer this body kit for the production MDX.

2017 Acura MDX / NSX GT3 / Custom Trailer
Guy Spangenberg

When Acura debuted its TLX GT Package and said it was heading to the SEMA aftermarket show, I was hoping something, you know, cooler would also show up. And what do you know, Acura delivered in spades.

Alongside the TLX, Acura will debut a triple-threat SEMA concept comprising an NSX GT3 racecar, a 2017 MDX crossover that's been modified to resemble the NSX GT3, and a custom trailer for towing said racecar. Now this is how you do a motorsport-themed SEMA concept.

The trailer's perimeter chassis is built to resemble the NSX GT3's roll cage, and it sports a set of 20-inch wheels from the MDX. Hydraulic pumps raise and lower the trailer bed, with a 12-volt battery powering it all. It's powder-coated white to match the NSX GT3, to boot.

As for the MDX itself, the modifications are subtle, but they add up to something wicked. Acura lowered the crossover by 1.75 inches, blacked out the suspension components, painted the brake calipers orange and installed a tow package with extra transmission cooling. The coolest part, though, is the front splitter, which was designed to resemble the NSX GT3's lower valence. Its livery is the same as the GT3's, as well.

Will Acura let you buy this in a dealership? That's a nope with a capital N. But those modifications are all easy to wrangle up using aftermarket parts -- that's what SEMA is all about, after all. SEMA runs during the first week of November in Las Vegas, and I'll be sure to get up close with this one.