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Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition Borrows Colors From the NSX Supercar

Three models of the 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition
All three look great.

What's happening

Acura will offer a limited-production PMC Edition of its TLX Type S sedan.

Why it matters

The PMC Edition sedans are hand-assembled at Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio and feature colors from the NSX supercar, as well as gold wheels and other fancy flourishes.

What's next

The Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition will be available to order later this year.

Acura announced its fifth PMC Edition car on Friday, and this one builds on the lovely new TLX Type S. Like all prior PMC Edition models, this limited-run TLX Type S will be hand-assembled at Acura's Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio (hence the name), where the company is currently finishing production of the NSX Type S supercar.

The NSX link is a key part of what makes the TLX Type S PMC Edition so special, as it's offered in three colors derived from Acura's mid-engine hybrid coupe. 130R White, Curva Red and Long Beach Blue are all available on this PMC Edition TLX, and the sedan comes standard with awesome 20-inch gold wheels, carbon fiber exterior bits, a black roof and trim, carbon fiber interior accents and a few other little flourishes.

Long Beach Blue with gold wheels is such a hot spec.


The TLX Type S marks the first time a limited-run PMC Edition car will be offered in a variety of colors. Previous PMC models all came the same way, the most recent of which is the RDX PMC Edition, which wore the same Long Beach Blue hue as the new TLX.

It's unclear exactly how many TLX Type S PMC Editions Acura will build, with a company spokesperson only saying the "exact number will be announced closer to the launch date." Past PMC Editions ranged anywhere from 200 to 360 units, so we expect the TLX to fall somewhere in that range. Acura also said "production will be equal for all three colors," so however many the company makes, each color will make up a third of the total allotment.

Like previous PMC Edition Acuras, the TLX Type S certainly won't be cheap. Expect a decent price premium over a fully loaded TLX Type S, so something in the $65,000 to $70,000 range sounds about right. We'll know more when Acura divulges more details ahead of the order books opening this fall.