A tribute and a eulogy for Saab

This Web video pays homage to the many different vehicles that Saab has given us over the years. Salute!

Gary Spencer

As you probably know by now, General Motors has decided to discontinue producing the Saab brand after failing to make a sell to European manufacturers Spyker and Koenigsegg Group. Whether it's a lack of resources to produce the Saab brand, or just general disinterest in doing so, GM is about to swing the axe on the Saab imprint, and soon there will be no more Saab.

I have never found Saab to be anything to do cartwheels about, but there are many European car aficionados who appreciate the subtle beauty of Saab over the years, and this Web video is a slideshow tribute to the soon-to-be fallen European automobile. Though Saab has never been a sexy car, upon reflective review it does have a uniquely succinct flavor and aura. Thanks for everything, Saab. It was fun while it lasted. Cheers!