A Race Winner: The Lola T290

Today we take a closer look at the car that won this year's Classic Endurance Racing finale: the Lola T290.

Gary Spencer
2 min read

As I noted earlier this week, American race car driver Bobby Rahal won the final European-based Classic Endurance Racing event that took place in the UK this past weekend driving his Lola T290 race car. For those of you not familiar, the Lola family of race cars is a British-made brand of race cars with a long and successful history. They have made many a variety of sport car, including Formula 1 and IndyCar makes among many others throughout the years. And while Lola is not quite a household name in the States, it is a manufacturer that is well known and respected throughout Europe.

There are several different models of Lola race cars, and the one that Bobby Rahal used to win the Autosport 1000 Km of Silverstone race this past weekend was the T290. The T290 model was initiated in the late 1960s and shares some characteristics of its Formula 1 and IndyCar brethren. I really wanted to find some video from this last weekend's race at the famed Silverstone Circuit with Rahal racing his particular T290, I am forced to settle for this French-produced motorsport program clip that features an interview with Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa (who was injured not too long ago in a nasty crash) that leads into a close up look at the Lola T290 as it heads out for a spin at Le Mans. Afterwards, this video also features race footage of the Matra 660, for those of you who are interested. Enjoy.