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A better, wider Subaru WRX

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX.

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX
Josh Miller/CNET

With better power and handling than the standard Impreza, but not as hard-core as the STI, the WRX occupies a comfortable middle ground, being a car suitable for driving to work on a daily basis and ripping around dirt roads on weekends. Its all-wheel-drive handling also makes it a good ski weekend vehicle.

But Subaru had ignored the techie side of the WRX's youthful demographics, until now. This new WRX, while not exactly on the cutting edge of cabin tech, offers useful features, such as navigation and Bluetooth phone support. And the new, wider track gives the 2011 model an edge over the previous generation.

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