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$543,000 can now buy the carbon fiber Acura NSX GT3 of your dreams

Good luck scrounging up the scratch to afford one, though.

Have you always wanted to start your own racing team, but only if you could run Acura NSX GT3s? That's a very specific dream, but if it's yours, Acura will now help make it happen.

Acura announced Thursday that it has put the NSX GT3 racecar on sale around the world. For the (not so) low, low price of 465,000 euros ($543,933), you can pick up one of these carbon-fiber-bodied bad boys for your own racing team. Just head over to Acura Racing's website and open up the checkbook.

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The NSX GT3 isn't limited to a single series. Owners can take it racing in a variety of series, including Pirelli World Challenge, Blancpain GT Series, Super GT GT300 and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. It's won a few races under Acura's control in the IMSA series, so it's not like you're getting something that hasn't already proven itself. We've driven it, and we can attest to its excellence.

If you're new to the whole racing thing, Acura Racing will also hook you up with customer support, like training and engineering services, for a price.

The NSX GT3 uses the same 3.5-liter V6 as the road-legal NSX, albeit without the complicated hybrid system. It wields a six-speed sequential racing transmission and a TIG-welded chromoly roll cage. It's built right alongside its street-legal sibling in Marysville, Ohio. 'Merica!

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