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2024 Ford Mustang Can Be Revved Remotely to Terrorize Your Neighbors

Ford's seventh-generation pony car also has an available electronic handbrake aimed at novice drifters.

2024 Ford Mustang burning rubber at sunset
The new Mustang is ready to anger your HOA.

Ford unveiled the evolutionary 2024 Mustang on Wednesday night in Detroit, and two of its standout features are sure to entertain enthusiasts and annoy the hell out of their neighbors. The seventh-generation Mustang is available with a Remote Rev feature accessed through the key fob, and an electronic handbrake designed for novice drifters.

The Remote Rev function will be available on both the Mustang's EcoBoost four-cylinder and Coyote V8 engines. It works much like a car's traditional remote start: Hold down a button on the key fob, and the engine will start revving. The feature uses a set RPM profile, so it will sound and rev the same way each time, but drivers can press the button over and over if they desire. That profile is different for the two engines, so each powertrain's revs will sound different.

2024 Ford Mustang

The Electronic Drift Brake looks cool.


Then there's the Electronic Drift Brake, which comes standard on the Mustang's Performance Pack and is offered with both the manual and automatic transmissions. Instead of a little switch like normal electronic parking brakes, which is what the base Mustang has, the Drift Brake has a big chunky metal and leather handle that looks like a traditional sports car's handbrake. Only useable in the Mustang's Track drive mode, it has preprogrammed settings to help novice drifters improve their skills and takes less effort to use than a mechanical handbrake.

The new Mustang also retains the outgoing model's Line Lock feature, which makes it extremely easy to do a burnout. Other available performance features include a limited-slip differential, big Brembo brakes, MagneRide adaptive suspension, an active exhaust system and stickier tires. The 2024 Mustang will reach dealers next summer.