VW's rugged-looking Taos Basecamp concept shows off accessories you can buy

The concept is similar to the Atlas Basecamp we saw in 2019 and, like that concept, it turned into production accessories that buyers can get from their dealer.

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The Taos Basecamp concept shows off accessory body trim with some off-road-ready aftermarket goodies.


Volkswagen's Taos crossover SUV may be new on the scene, but the German automaker announced Tuesday that it's already making plans for it.

Like the Atlas Basecamp, the Taos Basecamp concept is meant to show off a new package with restyled body cladding, which will be available for purchase and installation by your friendly local VW dealer. While the concept gets other upgrades like a raised suspension, custom wheels by Fifteen52 and a custom Thule roof basket with integrated off-road LED lighting from Baja Designs, with the production bits, you get body cladding and a Basecamp badge if you buy the whole kit.

The Taos Basecamp pieces should still bring a little street cred, even if they don't necessarily add trail toughness -- and getting the good looks of the Taos Basecamp concept in your driveway for $999 plus the cost of installation seems like a decent deal, if you don't want to lose your Taos in a parking lot. 


It may lack a little of the concept's off-road panache, but it's not bad.


"The Taos is a great compact SUV from the start," Reto Brun, director of the Volkswagen Design Center California, said in a statement. "Following the design strategy we established with the 2019 Atlas Basecamp Concept, the Taos Basecamp Concept is refinished in Waimea blue paint with gloss black trim elements and a matte black hood and roof. Orange accents in the Basecamp badges, mirror caps and side decals were incorporated to punctuate the Basecamp design identity."

The Basecamp accessory kit for the Volkswagen Taos is set to hit dealers later this month.

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