2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Slapped With a Stop Sale Order Over Bricking Issue

The problem seems to affect both Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L models, and multiple trim levels.

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk
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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

This handsome off-roader could turn itself into an oversize paperweight, according to reports.

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The 2022 is probably the best thing that has done in years when it comes to its non-Wrangler output and punches well above its weight class in terms of interior quality and overall design. We're fans. Unfortunately, not everything is hunky-dory in Jeep land, it seems. The Drive reported Thursday that some of the new Grand Cherokee (and the longer-wheelbase L models) have been bricking themselves.

According to a missive sent from Stellantis to its Jeep dealers, the issue seems to stem from something called the Radio Frequency Hub Module, which can apparently throw the proverbial wrench in the communication between the vehicle and its key fob, causing everything else to go haywire. The problem has reportedly led Jeep to place a stop-sale order on the Grand Cherokee.

Presently, Jeep is working on getting the appropriate replacement parts to dealers so that this issue can be fixed quickly without a full-on safety recall; those are a lot more complicated once the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gets involved.

Based on forum posts, it would seem that so far this issue is limited to vehicles purchased in February, which points to there being a bad batch of components that came and went through production. However, given that we're still in February, we probably won't know the full scope of the issue for a while.

We asked Jeep for comment but didn't hear back in time for publication.

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