Hyundai Venue loses the manual transmission for 2021

It turns out that nobody actually bought one with the manual.

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Kyle Hyatt
2021 Hyundai Venue

No more manual for this cute ute.


little Venue crossover is not only cool-looking but also exceedingly affordable, as new cars go. When it launched, enthusiasts were undoubtedly excited to see that the base transmission option was a good, old-fashioned six-speed manual with the CVT being optional.

Three-pedal cars are becoming rarer and rarer at any price point, so seeing one in a popular form factor seemed like it might just show manufacturers that manuals aren't dead. Only, in this case, that didn't happen, and now, thanks to an announcement made on Friday, we know that the manual option is dead for the 2021 model year.

Why? Well, because nobody bought it. Unlike in many other countries, where manual transmissions are still common, even knowing how to use one is becoming a somewhat rare skill for American drivers -- just 18% according to a 2018 report by US News & World Report -- and that number is likely to continue dropping.

So, where does this leave you if you had your heart set on a row-your-own crossover? Well, you're not totally boned. You can still pick up the and Kia Soul with a manual transmission. If you don't need a crossover and care more about the gearbox, Hyundai still offers its Accent, Elantra GT and with six-speeds.

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