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2021 Genesis G80 sedan impresses in first official images

We'll get the full scoop on this shapely four-door later this month.

2021 Genesis G80
We're big fans of this way this looks.

The next chapter in Genesis' model line overhaul is nearly here. Following the debut of the GV80 SUV in January, the Korean automaker showed the first images of the new G80 sedan on Wednesday, and my goodness, it's a looker.

There's a clear visual link between this new G80 and its siblings, the GV80 SUV and G90 sedan. Two-line running lights flank either side of the large crest grille, and carry on along the body sides, illuminated just aft of the front wheels. The G80 has a long, fastback silhouette -- not unlike the gorgeous Audi A7 -- ending with a short deck with another pair of slim, two-line LED lights. The car seen here rides on 20-inch wheels with a relatively simple yet elegant five-spoke design.

Moving inside, the G80 takes a lot of cues from the GV80, mostly in the minimalist design. A thin line of air vents cuts between the handsome dash and tier of what looks like open-pore wood, with neatly organized climate controls below. The center console is just like the one you'll find in the GV80, with an electronic gear selector and controller for the infotainment system. Speaking of which, the multimedia screen is huge, spanning 14.5 inches, and neatly set back on the dash.

2021 Genesis G80

Elegant wood, blue leather and a 14.5-inch infotainment screen. Love it.


If our time in the GV80 is anything to go by, the G80's cabin should be nothing short of luxurious, with creative uses of colors and materials. Every detail, from the stitching on the seats to the knurling of the dials on the steering wheel, looks absolutely fantastic.

Genesis has yet to reveal any mechanical details about the G80, but we know it'll ride on a new, rear-wheel-drive platform shared with the GV80. It'll likely get a lot of the new driver-assistance technologies found on the GV80, including machine learning for the adaptive cruise control and active road noise cancellation. We bet it'll get the SUV's 2.5-liter and 3.5-liter turbocharged engines, as well.

Genesis says the G80 will officially debut this month, so it won't be long before we have the final details. It'll also likely make its North American premiere at the New York Auto Show in April -- assuming the event isn't canceled like the Geneva Motor Show, anyway.