Jeep and AM General are cooking up a military-only uber-Gladiator

The Extreme Military Grade Gladiator is meaner, more beige and super-not-for-civilians.

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The Jeep Gladiator XMT wouldn't be Jeep's first Gladiator-based military vehicle, but it'd be the first since 1969.

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It's no secret that Wrangler-derived pickup truck has been a success. People can't seem to get enough of them. It's kind of like what happened when AM General decided to produce a civilian version of its HMMWV, aka the Humvee, aka the Hummer.

Say, that makes me wonder what it would be like if Jeep and AM General teamed up on a vehicle for the military. Would it be cooler than the already polar-bear's-toenails-cool Gladiator Rubicon? It turns out the answer is yes, because the two companies just debuted a concept version.

Now, before we get too excited, we don't know anything about the Extreme Military Grade (XMT) Gladiator beyond the fact that it would be offered to military customers as either a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle. It would -- if successful -- go into production as early as 2020.

The photo of the concept shows what is essentially a beige Gladiator with no doors, no roof and a big ol' brush bar up front. Still, even a standard consumer-grade Gladiator is pretty stout, with a serious towing capacity of over 7,000 pounds, locking differentials, tons of suspension travel and all kinds of beefy skid plates.

The Gladiator XMT concept was debuted on Monday at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the US Army (AUSA) and if selected for production, would represent the Jeep Gladiator's first reentry to the world of military vehicles since 1969 when it ceased production on the Kaiser Jeep M715.

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