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Einride drops its autonomous, electric T-Log on Goodwood

The company hopes to revolutionize the logging industry with its driverless T-Log logging truck.


Readers with particularly good memories might remember that we've talked about electric, autonomous trucking startup Einride before. Specifically, we talked about its T-Pod medium-duty cargo truck, but now Einride is back (and at Goodwood of all places) with its T-Log electric autonomous logging truck.

Despite having a giggle-worthy name, the T-Log is pretty cool. It's powered by self-driving tech from Nvidia and has no onboard provisions for a human driver, though it can be remote-controlled at a distance. The T-Log is capable of Level 4 autonomy and is paired with an intelligent routing system that helps minimize the amount of time it spends in traffic, thus maximizing its energy efficiency.

The T-Log can carry 16 tons of wood, but not a single driver.


"Heavy road transport is responsible for a substantial part of global CO2 emissions," said Robert Falck, CEO of Einride. "Add to that the tens of thousands of people who die every year from NOx pollution -- effectively poisoned by diesel fumes -- and you have every reason to look for a more sustainable alternative. The T-log eliminates those emissions entirely, by replacing diesel with electricity. Technology has progressed to make it happen. And because it can be done, it must be done."

The T-Log has a 320-kilowatt-hour battery that will allow it to go 120 miles on a full charge with a full 32,000-pound load of timber. The company claims that it has several interested global industrial firms and hopes to get the T-Log on the road by 2020.