Lexus teases new ES sedan for Beijing

It's not a huge surprise, given the current model's age.

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I don't think the grille can get any bigger than this.


Chinese auto shows are slowly gaining relevance in the US, as automakers have started rolling out global model debuts. You can add Lexus to the list when the new ES sedan debuts in Beijing.

Lexus threw out a teaser for the new ES sedan, which will make its official debut in Beijing on April 25. The teaser offers up a shot of the car's new grille, which is just as large as it is on every other new Lexus. We can also see a sliver of headlight, which looks pretty close to the current one, albeit a bit sharper.

According to Motor1, what's visible in the teaser is pretty easily matched to a purported leaked shot of the ES, so we're pretty safe in assuming this is what the teaser is, well, teasing.

Beyond the teaser, though, we're not quite sure what to expect. Lexus is still a bit predictable, so it's safe to assume that there will be a gas-powered variant alongside a more expensive hybrid model. It'll probably have a whisper-quiet interior and more than enough leather to satiate a luxury-car owner.

The new ES is likely to use the same Toyota New Global Architecture platform that underpins the new Toyota Camry and Avalon sedans . The current ES and outgoing Avalon shared plenty of parts, so it stands to reason that the latest versions of both will keep that tradition alive. We'll find out in just a couple of weeks.

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