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2019 Ford Ranger accessories list leaks, includes bull bars and fender flares

Who doesn't like fender flares?

This is nearly the same picture that's seen on the front of the accessories catalog, but it's wearing a different set of wheels here, and it lacks the catalog picture's hood deflector.

The 2019 Ford Ranger isn't even on sale yet, but if an alleged leak turns out to be true, we've already got a good idea of just how many accessories future Ranger owners can dump money into.

A post on the Ranger5G forum claims to have a leaked list of accessories for the 2019 Ford Ranger. The list is positively voluminous, covering a wide variety of accessories for the bed, exterior, interior, electronics and trailering. The prices are merely suggested retail prices, so if the list turns out to be 100 percent accurate, the pricing may still vary in your neck of the woods.

Looking for something as simple as an ashtray that doubles as a coin holder? You're covered. Want some rails for your bed, in addition to a bedliner, a tailgate lock and a storage box? Ford's got it all. Need a beefy security system? The catalog has that, too.

But the most interesting corner of the catalog has to be the exterior accessories section. In addition to small stuff like window deflectors and chrome exhaust tips, there are some particularly gnarly upgrades. You can slap an ARB bull bar on the front, or widen the whole body by way of fender flares. There are also carriers galore, so you can attach your bikes, canoes or whatever without eating up all the space in the bed.

You can head over to Ranger5G to see the whole list for yourself. If anything, it'll make the beginnings of one wicked holiday wish list.

(Hat tip to Autoblog!)