Chevy Suburban and Tahoe get fancied up with big V8 power

General Motors' Premium Plus trim offers more options to get a 6.2-liter V8 in your full-size SUV.

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Kyle Hyatt
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People who buy great big full-size SUVs want similarly great big engines to power them. This is something that is finding out with its RST-trim Suburban and Tahoe, so it's expanding the availability of that 420-horsepower mill to the new Premier Plus trim level.

What does checking Premier Plus on your order sheet net you? Kind of a lot actually. In addition to the 6.2-liter V8 -- which comes with things like active fuel management, direct gasoline injection and continuously variable valve timing -- you get GM's 10-speed automatic transmission, which means that this behemoth should sip gas, relatively speaking. You also get GM's incredible Magnetic Ride Control suspension, an 8-inch touchscreen, power folding steps and a heads-up display.

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Full-size SUVs deserve big V8 engines because this is America.


The Premier Plus trim also gets a unique mahogany and black interior design with heated and cooled power seats. Outside you get chrome badging and exhaust tips and gold bowtie badges. Needless to say, this is a pretty choice whip to be squired about in, since it seems like all the Tahoes and Suburbans we see anymore are livery vehicles.

The Suburban Premier Plus starts at just over $78,000 while the Tahoe comes in at a hair over $75,000, neither of which is insubstantial, but if you need something as big as a Suburban in your life, this is the price range in which you're gonna play, unless you're a Costco member in which case you get a silly $4,500 discount, because 'Merica.

The Premier Plus twins are available for order now at dealers and production is slated to begin this month.