Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison already 'sold out' for 2019

The off-road truck sells in an average of just 10 days.

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Fewer than 2,000 of these ZR2 Bisons will be built for the 2019 model year.

Jon Wong/Roadshow

After pushing it to its limits in Arizona, Roadshow's Jon Wong called the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison "a massively capable off-road midsize pickup," and it seems that buyers are eager to get their hands on one. The ZR2 Bison is already effectively sold out for this year, as Chevy dealers ask for more trucks than the automaker can build.

The news was reported by GM Authority and subsequently confirmed by Chevrolet spokesman Monte Doran. He told Roadshow that Chevrolet expects to build "less than 2,000" Bisons for the 2019 model year, but that the company will be able to adjust volumes for 2020 if necessary. The automaker also had a shorter-than-normal run for the 2019 Bison, as production only began in January.

"The real answer is demand for Bison is exceeding supply, with both dealers and customers," Doran said.

Of course, "sold out" doesn't mean that every single ZR2 Bison has already been sold to an end customer, just that dealers have asked for more than will be available. Doran said customers should still be able to find one of the trucks if they're able to contact a dealer that has ordered a Bison but hasn't yet sold it to a customer. Still, you'll need to act quickly, as Doran said the off-road trucks "are selling almost as soon as they hit the showroom," in an average of just 10 days once they hit dealer lots.

The $48,045 Bison builds on the already extremely capable Colorado ZR2 off-roading truck, but with added accessories from aftermarket supplier American Expedition Vehicles. Add-ons include tougher skid plates and bumpers, as well as fog lights, winch mounting points and unique wheels. Aside from that, the ZR2 retains its ultra-capable  Multimatic DSSV suspension, 2-inch suspension lift and widened track, all of which go a long way toward making the truck so effective at powering through rough trails.

2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison: A tougher off-roader

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