2018 Volkswagen Passat GT will strut its stuff at the Detroit Auto Show

This hotted-up Passat is based on the R-Line, but offers more performance and spicier looks.

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Kyle Hyatt
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Volkswagen figures that since everyone loves the GTI, why not make the Passat sporty too, and so it is set to debut the 2018 Passat GT at the Detroit Auto Show .

The Passat GT differs from the standard Passat in that it has a lowered, stiffer suspension and a performance-tuned exhaust system which should (hopefully) let its 3.6-liter VR6 V6 howl. On the aesthetic front, the Passat GT gets more aggressive R-Line bumpers, a honeycomb grille with red accent lines, black mirror caps, 19" Tornado wheels and black window and door trim. Make no mistake, this is no full-fledged GTI model, but it will, in all likelihood, be a lot cushier to live with as a daily driver for less money.


The Passat GT pulls styling cues from the R-Line and adds a few unique touches all its own.


Speaking of money, Volkswagen plans to ask for just $29,090 of your hard-earned American dollars for the privilege of driving this super-limited and super-sporty sedan. One thing that sets the Passat GT apart from the full-fat GTI models is that the inspiration for its creation didn't come from Wolfsburg. Instead, it came from a far less likely locale: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

"The Passat GT illustrates how the North American Region can shape Volkswagen vehicles specifically for the US market," said Dr. Matthias Erb, Chief Engineering Officer, North American Region, Volkswagen, in a statement. "Combining a local perspective with our global engineering expertise allows us to create vehicles that meet the needs and desires of customers here."

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The interior of the Passat GT is mostly high-spec Passat, and that's no bad thing.


The other good news is that the rest of the Passat GT is just standard Passat and that, friends, is a good thing. You get the same infotainment and climate control and the same warranty as the less sporting souls who purchase more plebeian Passats.

Roadshow will be on hand at the Detroit Auto Show to catch the unveiling of the Passat GT and a whole host of other great new cars, so watch this space for our coverage.