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2018 Nissan 370Z isn't shameless enough to raise its price

That’s a good move, because this car is rather old.

Believe it or not, the current Nissan 370Z sports coupe is already five model years old. Yet it shows no signs of stopping (or being redesigned), thanks to a light refresh that leaves the base price unchanged.

The changes are tough to catch if you're not paying attention. The headlight components are darker, as are the rear lights. There's also a revised lower fascia and a new set of 19-inch wheels. Buyers who opt for the six-speed manual get a new Exedy clutch, as well. Under the hood lies the same 332-horsepower, 3.7-liter V6 as before.

There's also a Heritage Edition available, which is based off the base coupe, for those who feel like sporting a bit of throwback livery.


The base price for the 2018 370Z is unchanged at $29,990. If you want an automatic transmission, it'll set you back $31,390, or $100 more than last year. Move up to the $33,570 Sport trim, and you get nicer wheels, automatic rev matching, a limited-slip differential and better brakes. An automatic on the Sport bumps the price to $34,970.

The next step up is Sport Tech, which adds navigation and a backup camera. That one is $37,070, or $38,470 with the slushbox. At the top of the standard 370Z lineup, you've got the $38,190 Touring, which sports leather seats. The seven-speed automatic bumps the price to $39,590.

If you want the absolute pinnacle of performance, there's the 370Z Nismo. The 2018 model year brings new Dunlop summer tires and the aforementioned Exedy clutch. The Nismo rocks more aerodynamic baubles, black-and-red Recaro seats. The base Nismo is gone, so only the Nismo Tech remains, which includes a limited-slip differential and bigger brakes. Horsepower is up to 350, as well. That one will set you back $45,690 for the six-speed manual, and $47,090 for the automatic.

Finally, there's the 370Z Roadster, for that wind-in-your-hair action. The base Roadster and Roadster Touring models are only available with the automatic, and cost $41,820 and $46,570, respectively. Move up to the Touring Sport, and the price jumps to $48,100 for a manual transmission or $49,400 for an automatic. The car is on sale at dealerships right now.

2018 Nissan 370Z Pricing

Model 2018 MSRP 2017 MSRP Net Change
Coupe 6MT $29,990 $29,990 $0
Coupe 7AT $31,390 $31,290 $100
Coupe Sport 6MT $33,570 $33,570 $0
Coupe Sport 7AT $34,970 $34,870 $100
Coupe Sport Tech 6MT $37,070 $37,070 $0
Coupe Sport Tech 7AT $38,470 $38,370 $100
Coupe Touring 6MT $38,190 $37,970 $220
Coupe Touring 7AT $39,590 $39,270 $320
Nismo Tech 6MT $45,690 $45,490 $200
Nismo Tech 7AT $47,090 $46,790 $300
Roadster 7AT $41,820 $41,820 $0
Roadster Touring 7AT $46,570 $46,570 $0
Roadster Touring Sport 6MT $48,100 $48,100 $0
Roadster Touring Sport 7AT $49,400 $49,400 $0