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Ford recalls 2018 Escape, Lincoln MKC SUVs for brake issues

A loss of brake fluid can greatly compromise stopping power.

For the 2018 model year, Ford gave the Escape a new SEL trim and, apparently, a small amount of crappy brake jounce hoses.

Not every recall is a big one, but that doesn't make tiny recalls any less important for the folks who are driving vehicles affected by 'em.

Ford has issued a small recall for just 92 examples of the 2018 Ford Escape and 2018 Lincoln MKC SUVs. The affected vehicles were assembled at the Louisville Assembly Plant between Oct. 29 and 30 of last year. 88 of these vehicles are in US territories, while the remaining four are up yonder Canada way.

The issue stems from the brake jounce hoses, which are part of the braking system. In the affected vehicles, these hoses might come into contact with other parts, which can create premature wear and potentially spring a brake fluid leak.

Brake fluid is what transfers your right foot's motion into stopping power, so a leak in the brake lines could dramatically affect your ability to come to a stop. Ford warns that increased braking effort could also increase the risk of a crash, which means it's both an issue for the driver and everyone around the affected vehicle. Thankfully, Ford is not aware of any injuries related to this recall.

In order to remedy the issue, owners will take their affected vehicles back to the dealer. Service technicians will then replace the brake jounce hoses for free, and that's all it takes to button everything up. Owners should receive recall notifications via first-class mail.