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California, New York, New Jersey make a $1.29 billion investment in EVs

The money will go to programs to help further popularize electric vehicles as well as building out charging networks.

With automakers duking it out for electric vehicle supremacy, EV's are becoming a fairly common sight on the streets of America, and in New York, New Jersey and California they are about to get more common still.

California has long been a bastion of electrification and already features a number of buying incentives as well as a relatively robust charging network. But as of today, it is effectively doubling down on an electric future with a $738 million allocation for projects that promote EVs.

Charging infrastructure in New York and New Jersey is about to get a big leg up thanks to an investment by both states.

Zhang Peng/Getty Images

New York and New Jersey are riding the EV wave, too (presumably in response to criticism by The Pixies, re: sludge), with a combined $550 million investment in electric vehicle charging stations, including locations at airports, which is cool.

What's interesting is that these significant investments come in the wake of the EPA's most unrighteous attempts to dismantle federal fuel economy standards. In fact, Bloomberg estimates that the US will have over 1 million electric vehicles on its roads by the end of 2018 and that we'll see 16 million EV's hit the streets by 2028.

It will be interesting to see if this nearly $1.29 billion investment will spur other states into action, resulting in more charging stations and better incentives for people to switch from gasoline to electricity.