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Chevrolet prices budget-Z06 2017 Corvette Grand Sport from $66,445

Big Bowtie's midrange sports car will go on sale this summer in both coupe and convertible variants.

The Grand Sport almost perfectly splits the cost difference between a Stingray and a Z06.


When Chevrolet pulled off the cover on its Grand Sport, we were excited to see a solid middle grounder that will exist between the base Stingray and the super-hot Z06. In essence, the Grand Sport is a Z06 without that pesky supercharger. Now, we have an idea of what it will cost to take one home.

The Grand Sport will debut in showrooms this summer with a price tag of $66,445 for coupes and $70,445 for convertibles. That amounts to about $14,000 less than a Z06 and about $11,000 more than the Stingray, so it's splitting the difference almost exactly.

For that money, you'll get a whole bunch of Z06-caliber kit, including suspension components, brakes, tire and body upgrades, but it'll hide the same 460-horsepower V-8 under the Stingray's hood. 0-60mph is estimated at 3.6 seconds, and the quarter mile should fly by in 11.8 seconds at 118 mph. The standard transmission is a seven-speed manual with automatic rev matching.

If you want to give your Grand Sport a little panache, you can outfit the car with the Heritage Package, which includes those hash-mark stripes on the fender and on the interior's aluminum trim. A collector's edition will also be offered, with a black-on-gray motif and full-length stripes.