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2015 Honda CR-V: Revised, but not ruined (CNET On Cars, Ep. 69)

Brian Cooley delves into the latest Honda CR-V, shows you some techie headlight upgrades for your old auto, and (barely) takes a look at invisible cars.

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In this episode:

  • 2015 Honda CR-V AWD Touring: The full boat version of the latest CR-V refresh.
  • Smarter Driver: Why LATCH tethers are such a pain and three cars that get them right.
  • Car Tech 101: Invisible cars.
  • Email: Upgrade your old car's current headlights.
  • Top 5: World's biggest carmakers.

Honda's CR-V didn't invent the category of compact crossovers -- Toyota's RAV4 is generally given that honor -- but it acts like it did. Often the top seller, it benefits from being part of a category that is Honda's birthright: sturdy, efficient vehicles that are handsome if not aspirational. I am pleased to report it hasn't messed with the formula, but it has really added to it. Spend enough money and the 2015 CR-V lets you check the tech in a bunch of new ways.

I think you'll enjoy our Car Tech 101 on the invisible car technologies that are under development. Invisible, that is, in the sense of making it easier to see out from your car. In the last few years we've really seen a thickening of car roof pillars as well as a raising of rumps and incursion of second-row headrests. You practically need a periscope to drive. Those intrusions aren't going away, but visually they might.

Instead of a Top 5 best selling cars we offer you the Top 5 global carmakers: the companies that crank out the most vehicles, under a range of brands. I think you'll find the rankings, moves and bits of trivia about who owns what rather interesting. We compiled this data as we develop our plans to cover more cars that aren't sold in the US, as many of you have requested.