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2011 Toyota Sienna packs two monitors in one

The 2011 Toyota Sienna features a new rear seat entertainment system that combines two smaller monitors into one ultra-wide display.

Dual View display
The Sienna's Dual View display seems a bit wide for single source viewing, but dual source may be OK. Toyota
2011 Toyota Sienna
Maybe they should call it a Van-za... Josh P. Miller/CNET

This week the 2011 Toyota Sienna debuted at the LA Auto Show and while the minivan's new Venza-esque aesthetic, 3.5- and 2.7-liter power trains, and available all-wheel drive are, well, kind of interesting, we're most intrigued by the new Dual View rear seat entertainment system.

Folding down from its hiding place in the Sienna's ceiling, the Dual View display appears to be a superwide 16.4-inch display. However, it is actually two smaller displays seamlessly butted against each other in one frame.

When watching a single source, the Dual View displays a single image. Choose two video sources (such as a DVD and the RCA inputs) and the two Dual View system switches to a split screen mode, displaying the two images side-by-side.

The rest of the Sienna's cabin tech package consists of the same DVD-based navigation system that Toyota's been using since forever, Bluetooth connectivity for calls and audio streaming, USB and iPod compatibility, and an 180-degree Panorama Camera rear monitor.

Check out our photos of the 2011 Sienna from the floor of the 2009 LA Auto Show.