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2011 Tokyo Motor Show wrap-up

Though Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami last year, devastating its automotive business, the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show is an example of the country bouncing back, with new concepts and tech initiatives highlighting the auto industry's resurgence.

Derek Fung/CNET

This year's Tokyo Motor Show stood as an example of a resurgent automotive industry, with new concepts and technologies on display.

The Tokyo Motor Show is often host to some of the stranger concept cars around. In 2011, we saw some intriguing green concepts from Honda and Toyota, and even more outlandish vehicles from Daihatsu. Toyota and Yamaha also joined forces to show off electric vehicles with less than four wheels, and Honda announced a whole new set of efficient engines and power train components. Volkswagen was even on hand with some intriguing concepts. Here are our stories from the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show.

Daihatsu FC ShoCase

Daihatsu ShoCase
Derek Fung/CNET

That's not a typo, it's a car. Daihatsu's odd concept vehicle certainly looks like its name. A box on wheels, it is powered by a fuel cell system.

Daihatsu D-X

Daihatsu D-X
Derek Fung/CNET

In the tradition of the Japanese Kei car, Daihatsu has this very small convertible. With its short wheelbase and open top, it looks like it would be loads of fun.

Eco car round-up

Toyota Fun VII
Tim Hornyak/CNET

Green technology has become a major theme at auto shows around the world. Here, we've collected the cars at Tokyo that show the way forward toward a less fossil-fuel dependent future.

Toyota FCV-R

Toyota FCV-R
Derek Fung/CNET

Although known for its hybrid drive technology, Toyota is not resting on its laurels. It showed off this fuel cell car, which could go into production by 2015.


Derek Fung/CNET

Honda recently showed off a production version of its Fit EV, designed to be a practical electric car. The EV-STER shows the company can have some fun with green tech. This two-seater electric has an open top and little cargo space.

Toyota, Yamaha unveil connected electric trike, e-bike

Yamaha trike

The Tokyo Motor Show has always included a significant display of motorcycles, and this year Yamaha got together with Toyota to show off electric two- and three-wheel bikes. Toyota provides telematics to help find charging stations.

Toyota Fun-Vii

Toyota Fun-VII

Toyota brought out this wedge-shaped concept car, mostly notable for its video-display body and cabin. It can show the outside world one look, while immersing the driver in another.

Honda Earth Dreams Technology

Earth Dreams Technology

Honda used the occasion of the show to announce its Earth Dreams Technology initiative. Earth Dreams comprises a new set of efficient engines and electric power train technology designed to reduce Honda CO2 emissions 30 percent by 2020.

Volkswagen Cross Coupe

VW Cross Coupe
Derek Fung/CNET

Volkswagen brought this enticing concept to Tokyo. Like a Golf on steroids, the car has a high-riding position but a sporty look. And despite being named a Coupe, it has four doors.

Volkswagen Beetle Fender

VW Beetle Fender
Derek Fung/CNET

To commemorate the excellent Fender audio system in the Beetle, Volkswagen built this concept highlighting the system. With accents like the guitar-body wood on the dash panel and a Fender logo on back, there is no mistaking the fact that these two companies are working in harmony.

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