LAS VEGAS -- They're cute and small, cheap and basic. The Yezz Foxy 3.5 and 4 -- so named for their screen sizes -- are intentionally simple smartphones bound for emerging markets.

They access Facebook and Instagram to get you online, and the fact that they're based on the Firefox browser helps keep memory requirements down. Apart from the different screen sizes -- 4-inch WVGA or 3.5 HVGA -- the specs are the same. There's a 2-megapixel rear camera and a VGA front-facer. The processor is 1GB single-core and there's 4GB of built-in storage. Speeds are HSPA+, which is souped-up 3G.

Prices are $40 for the smaller, off-contract dual-SIM version and $50 for the larger, 4-inch model.

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