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Yahoo Mail for iOS review: New themes let you read e-mail in style

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The Good Yahoo Mail has all the tools you could want for managing your e-mail, and new themes and conversation view features make it more fun and convenient.

The Bad You can't use your own photos for themes.

The Bottom Line The latest version of Yahoo Mail gives you a great way to manage your e-mail with all the features you've come to rely on, while adding cool customization to give it some style.


8.4 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Yahoo Mail for iOS received a face-lift for iOS 7 in the latest version, and with new themes and conversation views, it's a must have for anyone whose primary e-mail account is with Yahoo.

Improved look and layout
Following the new simplified design schemes of the main Yahoo app and Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail now has a new look to fit with iOS 7. But in Yahoo Mail, you have the ability to change the theme by selecting a premade background. Most of the themes are photos and patterns that show up in the background, and your inbox takes on the color of your photo. It's a lot like the effect of changing your background in iOS 7, where the colors of your background show through in the passcode screen.

If you find the colors to be too garish, you also have the option to pick from a selection of solid colors for just the interface elements while keeping the background a more standard white.

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