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XtremeMac Bumperz for iPod Shuffle

The XtremeMac Bumperz offer users a way to personalize their iPod Shuffles and stand out above the sea of iPod owners.

XtremeMac Bumperz

XtremeMac's Bumperz ($19.95) provide your iPod Shuffle with some scuff protection and a splash of color, but they're not for everyone. These rubber cases stretch around the Shuffle's edges, leaving the front and back exposed. While they cover the most scratch-prone areas, they don't provide weather protection and leave much of the surface vulnerable to dings and scratches. Bumperz work with the Shuffle's lanyard cap only and come in three assortments of five colors each. We looked at the fruit-themed lemon, orange, blueberry, lime, and strawberry assortment, which was a bit on the bright side. The other offerings are more muted.

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