Wolverine Data MVP review: Wolverine Data MVP

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The Good The Wolverine Data MVP has solid sound and image quality; comes in 60GB, 100GB, or 120GB capacities; includes a built-in multiformat memory-card reader; and provides a remote control and a carrying case with an integrated speaker. It has audio and video outputs, voice and line-in recording, a removable rechargeable battery, and NTSC and PAL video modes.

The Bad The bulky Wolverine Data MVP doesn't play DRM-protected files or support ID3 tags. Its EQ modes sound poor, and there's no user-programmable EQ. Other flaws include so-so remote control performance and short battery life.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for an oversize portable media player that emphasizes hard drive capacity and media-card support over compactness and DRM support, check out the Wolverine Data MVP.

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5.7 Overall
  • Design 5
  • Features 7
  • Performance 5

Wolverine Data MVP

When you're talking about the little-known Wolverine Data MVP, you can't avoid talking about size. Available in 60GB ($400), 100GB ($500), and 120GB ($600) capacities, the MVP 9000 series offers more memory than most MP3 players on the market. Like an iPod, it plays video, audio, and image files from an internal hard drive and has a high-quality full-color display. Unlike an iPod, the MVP incorporates a multiformat memory-card reader and comes with a generous assortment of accessories, including a wireless remote control, a power adapter, and a carrying case with integrated speaker. Those features, combined with overall decent performance, make the MVP an OK contender for some users, but we wish it weren't so bulky. Physically speaking, it must be the biggest MP3 player in the world. Its lack of DRM support also seems to us like a glaring oversight at this stage of the game. Measuring 5.04 by 3.01 by 1.18 inches and decked out in a coat of glossy red, the bulky Wolverine Data MVP is reminiscent of a brick with an LCD. It's larger than an iPod in all dimensions and more than twice as thick, though its 2.5-inch-diagonal color LCD is the same size as an iPod's. Despite weighing 10 ounces, it looks like it would fare well in a hard fall, but we didn't want to tempt fate. Its fire-engine-red color and black side panels help give the device a playful but not high-end appearance. It's like a prop from the eighties.

A four-way keypad located on the MVP's front panel allows intuitive navigation of menu levels, file lists, and other features. An Escape button takes you back to the previous device mode, while the Menu button accesses various features, including playlists, the six available EQ presets (there's no user-programmable EQ), repeat one/all, and shuffle. A rocker switch on the left side of the device lets you zoom still images and adjust the volume.

Among the MVP's main-menu options are music, picture, and video icons that you select to drill down into the respective categories. In terms of interface design, the MVP's only significant drawback is that it doesn't filter by ID3 tags. As a result, you have to navigate music using the filenames and the directories under which files are stored on the unit. In other words, you can't browse music by categories such as artist, album, and genre. You can, however, arrange the music folders to your liking.

The MVP's connectivity includes a high-speed USB 2.0 port, a power-adapter jack, and three multiformat memory-card slots. Minijack video and audio outputs allow you to play the unit through your home-theater system, for instance. A minijack audio input for line-in recording rounds out the MVP's connectivity. The unit also has a built-in microphone for voice recording.

In the box, Wolverine includes a small, basic remote control with 10 blister-type buttons. Although you're unlikely to use the remote for portable applications, it's good to have if you connect the MVP to your home-theater system. The company also supplies a black hard-shell carrying case with a built-in speaker that's powered by two AAAs.

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