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Withings Smart Kid Scale review: The Withings Smart Kid Scale offers overpriced precision

Withings' device boasts precision and weight tracking over time, but also a price that's too high for many new parents.

David Priest Former editor
David Priest is an award-winning writer and editor who formerly covered home security for CNET.
David Priest
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Tracking your newborn's growth is one of the best ways to make sure they're staying healthy. Many people use rough estimates -- stepping on the bathroom scale with and without the child and calculating the difference -- or frequent trips to the pediatrician. With the hopes of cutting down on parents' concerns and the medical bills that come with undernutrition, Withings is offering the $180, app-connected Smart Kid Scale.


Withings Smart Kid Scale

The Good

The Withings Smart Kid Scale is precise and well-designed. You can use it for newborns and kids up to 55 pounds.

The Bad

The $180 price tag is too high for a product that's so simple.

The Bottom Line

For parents of children with known health concerns, the Smart Kid Scale might offer helpful insight. For most parents, though, the information tracking simply can't justify the price.

This smart scale will track your baby's growth (pictures)

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What makes the Kid Scale so smart? It connects via Bluetooth to your phone, so you can track your child's growth over time. The Withings Baby app not only tracks weight gain and loss, but also feeding patterns. This isn't as comprehensive an app as, say, Hatch Baby's. But using it is intuitive, and you can follow the progress of multiple children at once.

The Scale itself, despite a clever design, feels a little less smart. You can remove the attached cradle once your child can stand, so they can just step onto the scale like a grown-up. This flexibility means you can use the device for at least a few years. But the 55-pound limit means it won't last as long as I'd like. And that's about the extent of the device's smarts.

When you can buy a reliable bathroom scale for $30, it's hard to justify spending $180 on a scale for young children. The Withings Smart Kid Scale might appeal to parents of children with known health concerns, but most parents will be better off with the periodic pediatric visits they already have written in their calendars.


Withings Smart Kid Scale

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