Whirlpool WFW87HEDW review: This simple washing machine nails the basics

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The Good Whirlpool's $1,199 WFW87HEDW washing machine looks sleek, with simple controls, plenty of features and very good performance.

The Bad Most of the display settings sound a different musical tone when pressed, which gets old fast. The WFW87HEDW has no app or other smart-home compatibility.

The Bottom Line The Whirlpool WFW87HEDW is a well-rounded washer that doesn't quite match the cleaning power of Electrolux's similarly priced EFLS617S.

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7.5 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Usability 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7.5

Strip away a washing machine's bonus features, like multiple specialty cycles and a related app, and you wind up with Whirlpool's $1,199 WFW87HEDW. Like the $1,099 Electrolux EFLS617S, the WFW87HEDW is a no-frills front-load model that gets the job done.

That said, it isn't an entry-level washer either. Complete with 10 cleaning cycles plus a steam setting, the WFW87HEDW is a solid upgrade over the most basic of front-loaders. Its premium-looking Titanium finish helps too. While it can't quite match Electrolux's EFLS617S in terms of performance, it's still worth a closer look.

What do you want from a washer?

The Whirlpool WFW87HEDW is a simple washer with some basic upgrades like a Steam Clean setting, a Titanium finish (it's also available in white for $100 less), and 10 cycles. They are:

  • Clean Washer
  • Cold Wash
  • Delicates
  • Drain & Spin
  • Heavy Duty
  • Normal
  • Quick Wash
  • Sanitize
  • Towels
  • Whites

Its touch-style display panel is very responsive and a small screen displays the cycle time remaining in easy-to-see green LEDs. While this is easy to use overall, each button seems to sound a different musical tone, which I would absolutely turn off if I had this machine at home. I do like having sound associated with each button press, but I found these particularly annoying. Fortunately, they're easy to turn off -- just press and hold the Cycle Signal button on the bottom right of the panel for a few seconds and presto.

Here's a closer look at the Whirlpool WFW87HEDW alongside its Electrolux EFLS617S competitor:

Whirlpool WFW87HEDW Electrolux EFLS617S
Price $1,199 $1,099
Color finish Chrome Shadow, White (for $1,099) White, Titanium (for $1,199)
Capacity 4.3 cubic feet 4.4 cubic feet
# of cycles 10 9
Energy consumption 109 kWh/yr 85 kWh/year
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 27 inches x 38.75 inches x 33.13 inches 27 inches x 38 inches x 31.5 inches
Warranty 1 year, limited 1 year, limited
Voltage rating 120V 60Hz 120V 60Hz
App No No


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Basically, we run three identical loads. That's a normal cycle, with normal soil, hot water and a high spin. Each load has long fabric strips stained with sebum/skin oil (Gross? Yes. Hard to get off clothes? Double yes), carbon black/mineral oil, blood (pig's blood), cocoa (chocolate and milk) and aged red wine.

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