Walmart Great Value 40W Equivalent Candelabra LED review: The value's just so-so with this Great Value LED

MSRP: $8.84

The Good Walmart's store-brand candelabra bulb offers plenty of brightness, along with above average efficiency. We were able to dim it all the way down to zero in our test rig.

The Bad It didn't dim without some light flickering. The heat sink at the base of the bulb also blocks off some of its downward light.

The Bottom Line This isn't a bad bulb, but at $9 each, the "Great Value" label is questionable.

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6.5 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Value 6
  • Performance 7

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The Walmart Great Value 40W Equivalent Candelabra LED.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Head to the light bulb aisle at your local Walmart and you'll find a mix of LED options from GE and from Great Value, the Walmart store brand. Among those Great Value bulbs is this 40W equivalent candelabra LED meant for use in your living room chandelier.

We reviewed another Great Value LED last November -- a very decent 60W replacement that sells for about $5. It impressed me with its brightness and efficiency, but it wasn't flicker-free on our dimmer switches. And wouldn't you know it? I can say the exact same things about the candelabra LED.

The problem is that this $9 candelabra LED isn't nearly as good a bargain as that $5 A-shaped bulb. The same is true across most other brands. Turns out that the entire candelabra LED category has some catching up to do when it comes to value.

What's more, Walmart's $9 dimmable chandelier light isn't even the best bargain in its class. That distinction gets split between an almost identical-looking $7 bulb from EcoSmart and a $20 three-pack of bulbs from Cree. The Great Value candelabra LED edges both of those competitors out in certain regards, but only just barely, and not enough to justify the extra $2 you'll spend for each one.

Walmart's Great Value LEDs are actually rebranded TCP bulbs, a brand with a pretty good track record in our performance tests. So far, Great Value has largely kept that track record going. At 427 lumens, the brand's candelabra LED was one of the brightest we tested. With a power draw of 5 watts, it was one of the more efficient ones, too, putting out an above-average 85 lumens per watt.

The dimming performance was less impressive. Though the bulb was able to dim cleanly down to zero on one of our switches (an old school rotary knob, no less), it wasn't able to do so without flickering. I wouldn't classify it as anything more than a light flicker, mind you, but it was a noticeable one nonetheless -- and that's a problem if you're buying this bulb for it's dimming capabilities. That seems likely; after all, you can get non-dimmable candelabra LEDs from Philips in a $10 three-pack. If you don't use dimmer switches, then those are almost certainly the better way to go.

To be fair, I detected a light flicker with all of the dimmable candelabra LEDs I tested. Turns out that the entire candelabra LED category has some catching up to do when it comes to performance, too.

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