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In addition to rolling out a brand-new iPad stylus, the Bamboo Fineline, Wacom updated several other of its iPad accessories.

The most notable is the $80/£65 Intuos Creative Stylus 2, a significant update to its first-generation product; it now has a fine 2.9mm nib rather than the fat 6mm carbon-fiber coated rubber tip, an internal battery charged via USB and a price drop from $100 (£85/AU$120). It retains the same basic design and 2,048 levels of pressure sentivity. All the usual suspects, like SketchBook Pro, ArtRage and ProCreate will continue to support it as well.

The CS2 will support Wacom's forthcoming cloud services, DropZone cloud clipboard and ControlRoom, which will store various pen and tablet settings -- those sound a lot like the Creative Cloud functionality in Adobe Ink. The stylus won't be available until October, so wait patiently.

Wacom also updated the Bamboo Stylus Solo and Duo, its more traditional iPad styluses. Dubbed "3rd Generation," they both gain the new carbon-coated rubber tip and some bright, shiny colors in addition to silver and gray: blue, bright green, orange, and "girlish pink for the fashionistas." Um.

The Solo runs $20 (£17/AU$17), and the Duo, which has a ballpoint pen on its other end, costs $30 (£25/AU$25). They're available now.