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Wacom multitouches up its littlest Cintiq

Multitouch support and a lower price highlight the updates to Wacom's 13-inch combination display/graphics tablet.


On the heels of Wacom's CES announcements about upping the resolution of its larger Cintiq displays, the company rolls out a slightly updated version of its smallest and most affordable entry in the line. The Cintiq 13HD Touch is identical to its touchless predecessor, but adds multitouch support.

The larger quad-HD-resolution models came in at lower prices than the earlier versions, but the 13HD Touch costs the same as the current model: $1,000 (so it will likely run £810 and AU$1,200, though I'll update with official pricing when it's available). The old version will remain in the product line at a lower price of $800 (so prices should drop to about £650 and AU$960 elsewhere).

For those who don't know, Wacom's Cintiq models combine a PC/Mac-connected display with a pressure-sensitive tablet so that you can draw directly on the screen, essentially combining the capabilities of a monitor with those of the company's Intuos tablets .

Unlike the rest of the new models, the 13HD retains its 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution; cramming Quad HD (2,560x1,440) into a 13-inch screen would make the icons and text in off-the-shelf software too small to work with effectively, even with HiDPI support.

The Wacome Cintiq 13HD Touch is scheduled to ship in March.

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