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Vyclone review: Vyclone

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The Good The ability to create a multi-camera video will be great for just about any event. The resulting video is smooth and doesn't have any cuts in the audio.

The Bad The interface can be downright confusing. Editing is unintuitive. Deletion of Movies and clips is unclear. Some sharing options post to your Facebook wall automatically until you turn them off.

The Bottom Line If you want to create a multi-camera video automatically, this app has the tools to do it, but be prepared for a little frustration trying to figure it out.


7.0 Overall

Vyclone lets you shoot movies using multiple iPhones, then automatically puts them together into one multi-camera movie. You start by signing in through Vyclone or Facebook, then have your friends download the app when going to an event, to see a concert, or any activity. The app is not perfect and can be quite confusing when dealing with clips, sharing options, and figuring out the editing features, but for a quick multi-camera video, it produces impressive results.

With everyone signed up, you and your friends are ready to start shooting from multiple angles at the same location and Vyclone will stitch the results together. It's important to note that all iPhones will need to have Location Services turned on in the settings so Vyclone can pair your phones together for the shoot. You'll also need to use iPhones that have different Apple IDs.

Before you start shooting, you have the option to select from five filters. Once you hit record, Vyclone automatically searches for friends who are using the app in your location and begins recording. You get 60 seconds of shooting time, but the start time for every phone does not sync up. This means that a person starting before the others will play out in the movie from one angle, and will only start switching cameras once the other people in the group have hit record.

The audio has similar limitations. Vyclone uses the longest strongest audio signal at any given time to sync up with the other phones. If you want the sound to come from only one location, you have to start recording with that phone and be sure to be the last recording phone to only get audio from that phone.

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