Vodafone 725 review: Vodafone 725

The Good Stylish, unfussy design; good call quality; easy to use.

The Bad Poor MP3 player; below-par camera.

The Bottom Line Its camera and music player could be better, but the 725 has a decent range of features and is easy to use. We think at its current £50 asking price it's a good budget buy

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6.5 Overall

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Priced at just £50, the 725 is an own-brand handset from Vodafone that's aiming to tempt you with the double whammy of a low price tag and an impressive range of features. But has Vodafone done enough with the 725 to persuade you from plumping for a higher-profile handset from the likes of Sony Ericsson and Nokia? It's available now direct from Vodafone.

The 725 is a fairly conservative-looking silver handset, but its traditional candybar form factor has been jazzed up with rounded edges and a black band running down either side of the handset, which nicely frames the glossy fascia. The black version has a silver band.

The keypad has largish keys, so you don't have to have the fingers of a small child to be able to get up to a decent texting speed. As well as the central d-pad for moving through the menus there's a pair of soft keys directly beneath the screen. Like most handsets sold by Vodafone these days, it comes with the company's traditional theme, so the icons and graphics look instantly familiar and the traditional grid layout of the menu system makes it a cinch to get to grips with.

The 725 is a 3G handset, so you'll have no problems downloading music tracks or video clips from Vodafone's Live service at a decent speed. There are also twin cameras mounted on the front and rear so you can use it for video calling too, although this will be of little use to most pay as you go users.

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