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Vodafone 526 review: Vodafone 526

The Good Low price; easy to use; good keypad.

The Bad No music player; poor screen; only dual-band.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for a cheap, basic phone, this is a good bet. There are definitely drawbacks, such as the retro screen and quiet speaker (and no real hands-free setup), but it does what it needs to do just fine. Plus, we like the chic design

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6.5 Overall

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Among the usual line-up of handsets from manufacturers such as Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, every now and then Vodafone slips in one of its own-branded phones. The 526 is a classic example. Priced at £30, it's aimed at pay as you go users looking for a bargain -- but can its low asking price tempt buyers away from the big-name brands?

The 526 may carry Vodafone branding, but the phone is actually made by French company Sagem. It's not surprising then that the design looks very similar to Sagem's other budget offerings, such as the my511X and my150X. That's no bad thing though because, like those handsets, the 526 has a certain air of French chic to it that makes its unfussy design quite visually appealing. The handset's slim and small frame also adds to its charm.

The 526 isn't exactly packed with features, but the lack of extras combined with the intuitive menu system means it's very easy to use.

There are also some neat shortcuts included in the user interface. For example, pressing the down key takes you directly to your contacts list, while hitting the call button in the main menu brings up a tabbed display showing your received and missed calls, as well as recently dialled numbers.

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